Easy Songs To Play On Guitar

Whether you are a seasoned guitarist or just a beginner, playing a recognizable song on guitar for friends and family is the best way to show off your skills.  Sure learning scales and chords is great but does anyone else want to listen to them?  Scales and chords are great for music theory but when played alone, they don’t sound like the songs on the radio.  The real way to get respect for your guitar skills is to play a song everyone knows.

If you want to play a rock or metal song on guitar you can either listen to the song over and over and try to figure it out on your own, or you can go to one of the many online sources.  Sites like YouTube offer some help in the matter but for the most part, they are recorded by amateurs.  What you really need is an online lesson from a professional.

The main advantage to learning an easy song to play on guitar from a professional is that you can rewind the video over and over until you are comfortable with moving on.  Face to face lessons don’t always allow this luxury.  I have playeFender Strat guitar for over 3 years and nothing bothers me more than when I can’t remember something I learned in the lesson I just paid good money for.  Learning online allows you to switch back to a song you would like to learn anytime you need to refresh.

Free guitar lessons! Most of the online guitar classes sites offer you the opportunity to try the program first.  This is great because not all online learning sites are the same.  Some sites simply play the song and expect you to follow along.  The better online learning sites walk you through the playing of the song as if Free Guitar Lessons You have never played guitar before.  This can be very helpful for both experienced and novice guitarists.  As we all know, the guitar is not an easy instrument to learn how to play.

Playing the guitar is extremely fun, especially when you become more advanced and learn more chords. As a beginner, it’s important that you start playing basic songs, so that you become aware of how to use the chords in a real song. Most songs for beginners on guitar are pretty hard to find, as most songs that are being played everywhere require an advanced set of chords to be used. However, there are many basic songs you can learn with your first learned chords and they could also sound professional too. Having a teacher guide you along the way is also recommended, as they could help you become a much better guitarist and avoid bad habits as you progress.

Why you need a coach to help you learn the guitar

The guitar is only one of the few instruments that can be learned naturally by a human. However, it is still highly recommended that you get in touch with a professional guitar coach, so that you learn correct finger position of the chords and basic guitar songs. What I see a lot in other people who start out in playing the guitar is that they develop really bad habits as they get better. So even if they are improving, they are still carrying some bad habits along with them whenever they play. This is what you should always avoid, but can be hard if you don’t learn professionally. The guitar is an extremely beautiful instrument to play, and it would be a complete waste if you didn’t hone your gift to the best of your ability. The many songs are great songs for beginners guitar and can be learned in a very short amount of time. As you get better, the songs will be too simple for you, making you have to play more difficult songs.

Easy Guitar Songs

Learn easy songs to play on The guitar. Show off to your friends and family with songs they recognize. Learn step by step how to play a song.


Playing the guitar is one of the hardest instruments. Although it looks easy as you know it can be very challenging. Find out how you can get lessons to play online and save money on face to face lessons.


Want to play your favorite rock or metal song on your guitar? Learn step by step in a video by an expert. No note reading necessary.

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